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AquaMotion - Sports & Therapy
This class offers techniques to develop muscular flexibility, strength and endurance while in the water.  

We do lots of variety with steady state cardio, intervals, pyramids, and circuit training during the week.  We have lots of toys to play with which will increase your intensity.

The best part is, we have fun.  We play hard, but have plenty of time to meet people and enjoy each other's company.  We have quarterly luncheons for extra time together.

Come have fun and get a great workout.  The pool is heated. There is a shallow end if you would like to keep your feet closer to the ground. It helps if you are comfortable in the water, but swimming ability is not necessary. A lift is available.
Call 951-515-5597 for more information!
We always have room for our swimmers too!
Water Aerobic Class Times
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8:20 am, noon, 6:00 pm

7:20 am, 8:20 am at Shamel
​11:00 at Sippy Pool

9AM and 10AM 

8:00 am

Lap Swimming Times
- Thursday

7:20-8:20 am

​8:00-11:00 am
8:00-9:00 am
per class ... yes really!
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Beginning June 16th